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Crescent Moon & Star

Crescent Moon & Star

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Katifi shredded dough
Mix of cheeses
Simple syrup (orange blossom water)

Contains: Dairy, Nuts

Cooking Instructions

Pre- heat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 15- 20 minutes (Kanafa cups) or 20-25 minutes (Cakes).

*All items are half baked and need to be baked in an oven for best taste.

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Customer Reviews

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Emily Chen
so cute and festive!

I ordered the crescent moon and star for my friend's family for Eid and it looked sooo cute and festive. I originally ordered it for the day before Eid but the delivery person said they could not in good conscience give a kanafa that was a little banged up from the delivery process so they sent a brand new one the next day. such great customer service!! will definitely get it again in the future!

A taste of home

Kanafa Cups is a middle eastern dessert made with phyllo dough pastry filled with sweet cheese, served warm with qatar, and garnished with pistachios and rose petals.